White Space In The Margin


I hope to use this space to create some "Space in the margin" of my life. My intention is to make the content insightful and interesting. But hey, who am I kidding. Lol!!


Be Still & Know

I really don’t know why I am here in this place. In fact I have questioned God multiple times as to why. No answers come and I suppose in some ways that is an answer in it’s self. So I wait…. I guess I title this phase of my life and ministry as a “Be Still and Know” phase.

I thought surely that I would be able to find a place to serve in ministry and pretty much continue as I had been. I guess that’s not God’s way. To continue as we have been probably means that we we are not changing, growing, learning? I don’t know but…. It still feels a lot like being benched in the 4th quarter (Did I use that sports analogy right?) .

I know that God is working and is still on the throne and with me, He has a lot to do I suppose. I know that at times my heart is not in the right frame and as a friend once said… “The right posture towards the things of God”. He’s still working on me.

I long to be in the ministry using the gifts, talents and resources in service to the Lord. In due time God will open that door…..Or?

Maybe this time it will look different. Maybe He wants to use me in a way that I had not considered because I was so locked into what I know. I must admit that it scares me some to think that way. Good for the ole pump I suppose, lol. I’ve just been trying to keep my eyes open for opportunities to serve sort of like looking both ways before crossing the street. Stepping out and in of situations where there are opportunities to minister and serve. Humbling? Very much so. Refreshing? sure! Scary and unsure? Absolutely!

I continue and the story is not over. God is still writing chapters for my life and I am trying not to look too far ahead. My desire is to walk in step with Him, following, maybe even along side as good friends do but not ahead. I am certain that I give the Father a good chuckle from time to time. Not that I am all that important but just that He must grin when I try to make plans that exclude Him.

I digress and so I will close.
Humbly His,


Credits Long Over Due

Four completed full length CD’s

  1. Enter In – Produced by Quincy Follweiler – Engineered by Watts – Mixed by Johnny Colla (Huey Lewis & the News). Pre-production by Dave Cimino and Brad Gillis (Night Ranger)
  2. Behind the Mask – Recorded at Aztek Recording – Produced by Jeff Ervin & Quincy Follweiler – Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Ervin and Ron Pease Background Vocal Production by Jamie (Follweiler) Moore.
  3. SOL III – Produced by Jeff Ervin & Quincy Follweiler – Engineered by Jeff Ervin & Quincy Follweiler – Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Ervin. Back ground Vocal production by Jamie Moore.
  4. SOL Broken – Produced by Jeff Ervin & Quincy Follweiler – Engineered by Jeff Ervin & Quincy Follweiler – Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Ervin. Back ground Vocal Production by Jamie Moore.

    God has blessed me with so many wonderful people along life’s way that has made me a better person and musician or at least sound like one.

Thank you!

A Box of Chocolates

Making the decision to move here to Tennessee to be close to family has been an amazing thing and Bonnie and I are excited about the future of ministry and our lives here. We have had the opportunity to be part of quite a few “One Time” events with our family and Grandchildren so far. Now the holidays are near and we are so looking forward to that. God always knows best if we will just stop…….. long enough to hear His voice. Too often we get so busy that we get to a place where we don’t have “time” to listen.

I am so thankful for my wife and life partner in ministry. She and I are a great team and I am blessed to be married to such an amazing woman. God has made us one and united. Our decision to make such a huge move was one we both labored over but was long over due and now, God will open doors to the next adventure. In fact He already is!!! Family, New friends! Lot’s of music opportunities, Ministry opportunities around every corner. Different yes, but I believe there is a great need for front line, risk taking evangelism here.

The ministries we have been allowed to be a part of in our lives together so far have been nothing short of amazing. Along the way we have met many wonderful friends who have touched our lives deeply. None of the ministries were the best or above another but each one being special in it’s own way. Thank you God for allowing us to work for You andย  Your Kingdom.

The future is bright (definitely more sunshine)ย  and is an open book, blank page, or whatever metaphor you want to use ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to see what God has for us next! In the mean time, we are soaking up more family time and getting ourselves rested and ready for the next piece of our journey. Be true to your journey. You will never regret it!




For the Lord is good and …

For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His FAITHFULNESS continues through all generations!
Psalm 100:5

Here in Kandor

Well, it’s been quite the journey here to Kandor, 2715 miles with a quick stop in Metropolis. All is well and we are now trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together for our new life. We will have a vehicle this week (New to us). and now we focus on the task of finding a new location for the Fortress of Solitude. One thing at a time Bonnie reminds me. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ringo and George are still a little confused and show a few signs of anxiety. They will be fine in time as they also get used to new surroundings. I will still provide consultation and website support and art design to Valley for 3 months as they work to transition. In the mean time I will soak up family and lean in towards God and listen for His voice concerning what He has for future ministry.

Thanks for allowing me to share.

Leaning on the promises of God

Leaning on this:

And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God. Who are called according to His purpose
Romans 8:28

Greener Grass

“The grass really is greener on the other side if all those who care about you and love you live there”